Posted by: webbhouston | September 26, 2009

Banana bread

Kate loves helping me cook… but honestly at times she gets in the way because I may be doing things that are dangerous like chopping or frying. At times I make things especially for her to be able to help me with today was one of them.

I made banana bread. Banana bread required mashed up bananas and what better way to mash them up than by hand? My 2 year old believes that banana mushing is necessary for a complete and healthy preschooler life and I tend to agree with her. Yes it usually means that I have mashed bananas in the living room, kitchen, and sometimes my hair… yes it means that half of the bananas dont end up in the bread… and yes it means that I spend the rest of the day cleaning banana goo from her body. Yes… it is worth it. Not just to see how happy she is but to eat the end results!

Banana loaves

Banana loaves

This was the end result today. Four little banana loaves that were full of nuts, bananas, raisins, and love.


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