Posted by: webbhouston | September 19, 2009

Taco holders

So since it is the weekend I am going to blog about something that is not quite so serious… well maybe it isnt serious to many but to others it may be.

Today we went to the store and saw these:

Taco set

Taco set

This is a set for people making tacos. Seems innocent enough right?

Except not… this is what is included in the taco set.

taco holders?

taco holders?

Forgive the pic quality please this was taken with my camera phone… but anyways.. taco holders?


How are these necessary? And talk about a uni-tasker!!!   Why do people need little contraptions that hold their tacos up for them? Isn’t that what your hands are for? TWO HANDS for TWO TACOS!

If you see another use for this please email me or drop me a line. Until then I shall keep using my hands to hold up my tacos.


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