Posted by: webbhouston | September 18, 2009

This I believe

For those of you who don’t know where this comes from This I believe was started decades ago and continues on NPR to this day. I believe that we all have something to say and that we all need to get out what we believe in… so here is mine.

This I believe.

I believe that reproductive freedom includes a woman’s right to give birth in the way that she needs. I believe that once the choice is made to reproduce the woman should have a birth and pregnancy that is respectful to her and her wishes. I deserve to be treated like a human being not a number when I am giving birth to my children, and my desires should be followed. I believe in the power of my bodyand that I should trust it. I truly and honestly believe, no…. I KNOW that education is absolutely necessary to empower a woman to have the birth that she needs and to fight for her right to have her child in the fashion that so suits her.

I believe that giving birth is not dangerous and that it is not something that women must be saved from.  This rite of passage has been taken away from us over the year and we need to take it back. I am thankful for skilled doctors that have made the few csections that are necessary available for women who need them but am sad that our csection rate is so unbelievably high. I am thankful for the experienced midwives who are here for women who chose their care.   We have lost the art of helping women in labor when labor became a medical event. I believe in the strength that doulas and other support people give to a woman when she is at her most vulnerable and I believe that more of them are needed. I should have the right to dictate how, when, and where I am going to give birth. I and only I, not my husband, not my family, not my friends, and certainly not the government.

I believe that nothing compares to catching your own child in your hands as they are born and having your face be the first one that they see. I believe that a healthy mother matters as much as a healthy child and that once we chose to give life our needs and rights do not cease to be important.  I believe in the thousands of women who have done this before me and who will do it after me, our hearts are one at this moment.  I believe that giving birth in my home is safe and that I have instinct on my side.  I believe in a gentle birth for both mother and child. I believe in my ability to chose what is best for me and my family. Most of all, I believe that my family deserves a peaceful beginning.


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