Posted by: webbhouston | September 11, 2009

Books for toddlers

Kate is at that point where she listens to stories and gets bored with simple board books. Yes she still likes to flop through Goodnight Moon but she is at the point where she requires more stimulation, a true story.

So in doing research I found a couple of books that I think will work for her.

The first is Peter in Blueberry Land this is an old Swedish story that is simple and has a good message. It really helps kids develop their imagination and explore the fantasy world and pretend. The story is enchanting and it keeps kids entertained while it does have illustrations it is easy to get the child to imagine their own illustrations for what this story would look like.

The other is The Story of the Root Children this delighful little story talks about nature and how flowers and the seasons are intertwined. It does a good job of bringing fantasy and reality regarding the seasons together.

Last night Mike read The Root Chlidren to her and she listened and asked questions about it. I think she really got into trying to find out what things were and why. It is amazing to see her grow up and become more and more her own little person.



We went to visit my inlaws last weekend and she was playing on the piano that they have. She loved turning the pages and it seems like she knows that the notes represent something special.



Of course now she wants piano lessons. I might start looking into lessons for her when she is 3 or 4. At what age do you recommend starting piano?



  1. Wow! I love the Root Children book! It’s one of my absolute favorites. I have a small daycare in my home and each year we have the parade of the root children in the spring! Thanks for sharing about this book… Also- I have enjoyed browsing through your blog!

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