Posted by: webbhouston | September 3, 2009

New Blog name

I have decided to change my blog name to . will still work I will just keep both.

I think that this blog name explains better what my blog is about. As a family, as a mother, as a wife, as a human being… it seems like I am always on the verge of something.

Currently Mike is back in college, taking classes. We are sacrificing a great deal of time together and energy to make it so that he is able to go back to school and finish up what he needs. We are on the verge of being finished with this. As a mother with kids that are always growing and evovling I am on the verge of catching up with them and with our life…. and then something changes.

I am always catching up it seems.  As a family we are on the verge of having a schedule and a set budget in place, yet it seems to be out of reach when we finally “get” where we thought we should be.

This is actually quite ok for me. I can usually handle change well and have learned to accept that we will never “get there”. Maybe it is because “there” is unrealistic. I am not sure.  It isnt keeping up with the Joneses as much as keeping up with our own life and ourselves. So I have turned this into something positive, it means that we are always on the verge of a new breakthrough… a new world… new discoveries.

Having a growing family is like walking a tightrope sometimes, you will fall and you will shake and stumble. It will hurt and you will be scared to get back on again… but when you do it is breathtaking. The view and the feeling… you just have to learn to ride the wave and give into it.

I am anxious to see what the next chapter of parenthood includes, especially as we take on this new journey of homeschooling while having two parents that work full time.  Maybe we are insane for trying to do these things, maybe we make life more difficult for ourselves…. but I guess we will find out.

Maybe the next verge will be the verge of a nervous breakdown. Oh Pedro Almodovar, how I love thee.


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