Posted by: webbhouston | August 26, 2009

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

There has been a great deal of research and talk recently about whether it is better for you to eat organic or not.

I obviously vote yes, and I even go as far as to say that it is my duty as a savvy consumer and earth-lover to buy organic. I also add to this my distaste for GMO’s. What is a GMO?

It means Genetically Modified Organism.  There have been many foods in our world that have been genetically spliced and diced, for example soy and corn. They have been bred to resist bugs better, to grow faster, to produce faster, larger, stronger, better… so of course the stuff we are left with now is stuff that would not be found anywhere in nature.  It is my humble belief that we should stay far far away from them as well.

So other than going around with a little pesticide and gene tester in your pocket when you go grocery shopping…. how can you tell what is organic, what is a GMO, and what is not?

Pretty simple really.

Thanks for the food labeling laws here in the States our fresh fruits and veggies have stickers on them… and this is how to read them.

4 digits – i.e. 4536 or 3297 – This is not organic

5 digits that start with an 9 – i.e. 94536 or 93237 – This is organic

5 digits that start with an 8 – i.e. 83456 or 81242 – This is a GMO,

When you are looking food that is not fresh fruits and veggies you should look for the USDA Organic label, read the ingredients (you should always be doing this anyways) and make sure that they are what you want them to be, and dont be afraid to do research on the company’s website to find out more. I highly suggest this and this is why. Some companies have foods that are organic but the source of the fruits and veggies is from a country like China that has little to no control over stuff like this. If you dont trust China to be in control over testing of a few kid toys for lead or not, for tires, or for much of anything else… do you trust them to enforce a TRUE organic certification on their foods? I sure dont.

So for me finding the source of the foods that come to my home is an important matter. After all, if I am working so hard to protect my kids from the evils of the world outside, why not protect them from the evils of the world that can creep into our homes and into their bodies?



  1. Have you read the Omnivore’s Dilemma?

    I’m reading it for my book club and it has some good info on Organic.


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