Posted by: webbhouston | August 24, 2009

Pregnant robots are an OB’s favorite patient

Of course they are.

They dont complain. They dont ask why the doctor is doing this. They dont have families that care.  They dont have choices.

I find it sad that OBs are being taught on a robot how to treat a pregnant human being. Do you think that these docs are going to be ok with a women who wants to walk around, change positions, or ask questions? Of course not, they have not been trained for it… they have been trained to treat women and their fetuses like a piece of furniture.

The medicalization of birth brought some obvious negative things along with it, and the whole “forgetting that women are people and should be treated as such” thing must be one of them.

The future of childbirth is dark and cold. I fear for my daughter.



  1. holy cow! this is absolutely rediculous! I can not believe they actually think this is realistic! That is the farthest from realistic I have seen and it is really sad that these are “well educated” doctors. What is this world coming to?

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