Posted by: webbhouston | August 21, 2009

My father, the lactivist

So I wouldnt really call my father a lactivist, he is more of a common sense-ist. He believes breastfeeding is a birthright. It was never a question whether I would breastfeed or not, it was assumed that I would. We were both breastfed (my brother and I) and both of my parents were breastfed. In our family there really is no other way. Breastfeeding a natural thing and we do it in front of family, friends, etc… it is a complete non-issue. But recently there has been a lot of talk in the news about telling mothers to cover up, or to stop, etc… my father brought it up to me last time that I talked to him. He doesnt understand and thinks that we are stupid as a society for putting mothers in the position of perverts or criminals for feeding their children. My father doesnt understand that when I nurse my children in public it is a minirevolution against the world around me… because to him it shouldnt be.

I told him about my own two encounters with breastfeeding problems in public and he asked me outright why I didnt sue. Especially the time that it happened at the airport (IAH for those that want to know). He said, “not for the money Alma, but for the change… can you imagine what they do to mothers that dont know their rights like you do?”. This is a man who has never read a LLL pamphlet, does not hang out on MDC, and who really doesnt understand what being “crunchy” means… this is just a man who knows what is best for our children and does not fathom why this is such a big deal for the rest of the world to understand.

My father actually doesnt agree with a great deal of what I do. He was cautious about my homebirth (though he was present for a good while for both of my labors), he doesnt agree with non vaxxing (as someone who went to medical school in Mexico where they loooove their vaxes) and he thinks that organic is mostly horse-hockey (though my mother buys organic and we share a co-op share every week)… this is not a man who “drank the hippie kool-aide” like some would say that many of us lactivists did… he is just an educated man who doesnt understand why something so natural and beneficial is seen so dirty… this may be one of the few things that my parents and I agree on… hey, at least it’s something. 🙂

Calvin and my dad

Calvin and my dad


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