Posted by: webbhouston | July 14, 2009

On being a working mother

I dont talk about it much here but I am a working mom. I work full time.   I have been pumping for almost 3 years straight and I am really tired of it.

I have had 4 electric pumps and 2 manual pumps… I have 10 different sets of tubes, roughly 20 yellow valves, dozens of membranes for my machines, and a couple of battery packs.  I pump 2-4 times a day, depending on how many hours I work and how my body feels… I have pumped while in the middle of teleconferences, in closets, in my own office, in bathrooms, in cars, in airports, in buses.  It doesnt get easier if anything it gets harder sometimes. So why do I do it?

It is best for my children. Calvin is 11 months old and he still needs my milk, he probably will for a good while longer and that is ok. He needs me and my first job is not running the oil and gas company that I currently work for…. it is being a mother. I made the choice to have children and I refuse to put them on the back burner. Because of this in a couple of weeks I am dragging both of my children to Richland, WA so that I can help set up our Washington offices better. I am taking my kids and my mother with me so that they can be with me because I do not think that either of them are ready to be without me for very long.

I have made the choice before to not go on trips because I didnt find it fair to leave my kids along or to drag them along. They were younger and it really would have been harder. This will be one of possibly many more trips and I have made it clear that I will not go on a trip without them.

My job pays bills. It helps us live the life that we have… but my children are not worth a few dollars or a better position. My children need me and I need them. I am working mother, but above all I am a mother.



  1. You are my hero. You are my inspiration.

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