Posted by: webbhouston | May 12, 2009

Planting the good seeds

I got into a discussion with someone recently about my beliefs and our lifestyle. They said that it didnt matter what I taught my children. It didnt matter that we didnt allow them to have coke or boxed juices. That so what if I didnt let them eat regular candy…. they are just going to grow up and do worse things as adults.

This got me to thinking…yeah.. they might.

My children might grow up and mainline heroin directly into their bloodstream. I have accepted that. My children might grow up and decide that they are republicans as well. So be it. However I cannot give up. I will not give up.

Mike and I are trying to plant good seeds in our children’s hearts. The seeds of compassion, love, self respect, caring for others, and caring for the world that they live in. I hope that those seeds will help my children sprout into good human beings who are a benefit to society.

No, I dont expect my kids to agree with everything that we do and no I dont expect that they will be little clones of us. I do hope that they are good human beings and that they do their best… in whatever that may be. I hope that they find their bliss.

I hope that with the little basis that we are giving our children that they will grow up to keep the tenants of a good society in mind, even if it means disagreeing with the existing beliefs that the government and that some in power might have. I hope that they will understand that they do not have to follow the herd if the herd is wrong… which many times it is.

Maybe my hopes are too much and maybe I have an idealistic view of what my children should grow up to be… but some people expect their children to be doctors or lawyers. Some people expect their children to carry on their family name in certain fields. I just expect my children to be happy, do their best, and do not harm.


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