Posted by: webbhouston | May 9, 2009

New wrap love

I started babywearing with Kate… and I have tons of babywearing devices. So many consumer reports would probably say that I am putting my children’s life in danger or something… LOL (see a couple posts ago about this).

When Calvin was born I did not need more stuff so I havent bought a new babywearing device in ages. This Mother’s day I decided that I needed a really good supportive wrap for my big babies and decided to splurge on a good Didymos waves.

I didnt know if getting a woven wrap in the middle of the texas heat would be a good idea but I went for it. I have worn this wrap every time that I have needed a babywearing device since I got it.  Today is was over 90 degrees and hot as hell.

5-9-09 Calvin

Here is Calvin hanging out in the new waves while at the park today. I am putting Kate in a swing and he is just chilling.

5-9-09 Going to the park

Here you can see Kate and Aidan walking hand in hand and Calvin’s head peeping out from the top of the waves while I carry two bags.

I am so in love with this wrap. It is cool and supportive. Soft and comfy. I really dont know how I lived so long without it.



  1. We have the cuddlywrap, which is basically the same design as yours – we love it!
    Great photos!

  2. Desiree, I love the cuddlywrap. 🙂

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