Posted by: webbhouston | May 3, 2009

Children were not made to fit into a little box

One of the most common mistakes that I have found that parents make (especially new parents) is trying to follow what books say that their children should do.

To begin with, not all books same the same thing. If you happen to come across the book that says that children should sleep from 6:30 pm on then you might think that your child is abnormal for not wanting to fall asleep at until 9.  If you come across a book that says that they need to sleep 14 hours a day and you child only sleeps 11, you are probably going to cause yourself some grief (and your child too) trying to force longer naps and earlier bedtimes to try and force your child to fit into this little box.

Not all kids are ready to start solids right at 6 months. Not all kids sleep through the night at 6 months. Not all kids walk at a year. Not all kids talk at 10 months… and you know what?


You know your child and if your child doesnt meet the milestones that “What to expect in the first year” has set for them… dont freak out.  Please dont freak out. If your child is severly delayed then of course seek help and make sure that this is not a sign of something else but please do not try to fit your child into the premade boxes that child developmental psychologists decided was the “norm” after studying a handful of kids.

We are all different, and this includes children. Just follow your child’s cues and try not to place any unnecessary expectations on them and your life will be much easier. Dont expect them to sit still at dinner if they are 2 years old and dont expect potty training if they are 18 months. If they are still wanting a bottle or nursing at a year and a half or two years…. so be it. It is ok.

Just nurture your child and make sure that you allow them to grow at their own pace. Trust me, they will grow. They will talk soon enough and they will potty train soon enough. They will wean soon enough and they wont be 18 years old and sleeping in bed with you. Remember this and you will be fine.


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