Posted by: webbhouston | May 1, 2009

Dear Consumer Reports

I understand that this article is part of your blogs section and not part of published research that you guys have done but please understand that the comments are ignorant at best.

Until they do, we think the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a crib.

This comment is not at all true. Research has shown that cosleeping safely is safe, even safer than a child sleeping alone in a crib as it reduces the risk of SIDS. How many babies have died in cribs alone CR? Yeah, that number is pretty huge… so tell me again how cribs are safer? Come on.. I dare you.

Over the past five years, at least four babies died and there have been many reports of serious injury associated with the use of sling-type carriers.

How many have died in baby buckets? What were the cirmcumstances of these deaths? IF you are going to fear monger at least provide sufficient data that can help a parent make truly informed decisions Historyically babywearins has helped babies and children alike, even saved lives… if your baby is tied to you it wont get eaten by animals, it wont get left behind, and it wont attract predators… so this was a good idea in ancient times. In modern times it helps mothers who are suffering from post partum, it helps babies with colic, and it has been shown to help preemie babies thrive… so where do you get your genuis ideas to skip babywearing?

CR, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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