Posted by: webbhouston | April 30, 2009

PSA regarding the swine flu and breastfeeding

I have already had a handful of people tell me that I should stock up on formula in case I get the swine flu and I cant breastfeed.

I felt that it was necessary to do a small PSA regarding this topic here because if I can avoid ONE mother from doing this I will be happy and be able to die in peace.

If you have the flu, you DO NOT… I repeat.. you DO NOT have to stop breastfeeding. You dont have to pump and dump and you are not putting your child at risk for anything. By the time that you realize that you are ill your child has already been exposed and nursing will only help. Why?

Well breastmilk has awesome properties that help fight off illnesses and your child will get our antibodies through the breatmilk itself, so it is like a vaccine.. except through their little mouths.

Here is a great article regarding illnesses and breastfeeding.

So people that have told me to stock up on formula… a) i wont do it b) stop spreading this misinformation around because I would hate for a mother to stop breastfeeding because of this.



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