Posted by: webbhouston | April 27, 2009

The economics of breastfeeding

This website has some great info on more reasons why breast is best, and how it would benefit society in general if more people did.

I have a little something to say about a few points.

For WIC, supporting a breastfeeding mother costs about 45 percent less than a formula-feeding mother. Every year, $578 million in federal funds buys formula for babies who could be breastfeeding.

This is a part that I wish more people understood. One of the many reasons that I have heard for not breastfeeding is “Formula is free on WIC”… and I have to bite my tongue every time to not say that a) it isnt truly free, as it does cost someone something… mainly our tax payers and b) with the increased health issues that formula fed babies tend to get it again costs more.

I dont believe that the economic aspects of breastfeeding as really as important as the other benefits that come with the allmighty boob but the fact that it does make more fiscal sense is really great. As a working mother I know that I do not take a lot of days off for sick kids. I do not spend more than 15-20 minutes out of my day for pumping, and I always pump while working/answering emails/on teleconferences. My work place is very breastfeeding friendly, maybe because it is a european based company or maybe because it is a company that truly values mothers… I dont know. But regardless all companies should be this way.



  1. i’m a new york state resident and about to be a breast feeding mom. we have legislation in this state that requires workplaces to be mom friendly. it is a legally mandated right to pump for milk while on the job! maybe your state has something like that too?

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