Posted by: webbhouston | April 23, 2009

Our child’s first doctor

No, this isnt a post about pediatricians.

The title is “our child’s first doctor” and that… was me.

The only people that I trust to be the true care providers for my children are me and Mike.

No, last time I checked I did not have an M.D… but I dont need one. I know my children. I know what their coughs are supposed to sound like. I know what their sleep is like. I know when they are running hot or are just hot from running.

I have sat with them in the bathtub with steam and salts to open up their sinuses. I have rubbed their chests and feet when they were tired and Mike has sat up with them night after night when they were not feeling well enough to lay down on their own.

I am my child’s advocate and it is up to me to make sure that their medical needs are met. It is my job to research and care for them. Not a doctor who seems them once every few months, and not some stranger that has an M.D.

As a parent I accept full responsbility for what is done to my child and what my child recieves medically.  As a parent  I understand that my family depends on me to be safe and protected, even from the medical establishment.  I do not cede my responsibility, I cannot.

My family depends on me.



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  2. […] Original post by webbhouston […]

  3. I love this blog!

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