Posted by: webbhouston | April 21, 2009

Me and Vitamin D

I am a one woman campaign against the un-necessary use of Vitamin D drops in kids. It sems like all pediatricians are now being paid on the side by the drug companies so they force feed iron and vitamin D drops to all kids.

Let’s begin with the facts… shall we? Yes please… lets.

When a baby is born they have a reserve of Vitamin D in their liver. Livers do a good job of storing that.. our body rocks like that. They have enough for roughly 6 months if they never see the light of day again.

But in reality, most children have left their homes by 6 months and are happily outside at least a couple minutes a day… going in and out of the car, waiting at a bus stop, etc.  It is possible that in really cold climates people could have a deficiency especially darker skinned people.. but most of us have nothing to worry about.

La Leche League had something to say about this topic, because breastfed babies are especially prayed upon on this topic. Formula is fortified with all sorts of stuff including Vitamin D so they arent worried about as much… I do find it hilarious that anyone would worry more about breastfed babies than formula fed babies… I mean… with the stuff found in formula nowdays and with the fact that formula is truly inferior…. but I digress.

Here is some info on the release.

No known risks of ‘vitamin D’ supplementation exist at the level recommended by the AAP. However, no research has actually investigated whether ‘vitamin D’ supplementation during the first six months has any negative consequences for infant health, such as vomiting and aspiration when supplementation is not tolerated, harmful alterations of the infant gut or increased risk of infection

Let me explain… so we DO know that exposure to some sun once in a while helps our bodies create this “vitamin”… and this is not harmful to us because it happens WELL before a sunburn would happen. But we DONT know how dangerous giving our kiddos this vitamin actually is. Ah… yeah.. now I get it. 🙂

Here is an article with more details, specifically how much sunlight we need to create the vitamin D that we need.

To make enough vitamin D, a baby in a diaper needs a total of only 30 minutes of sunlight a week-less than five minutes a day. Fully clothed and without a hat, a baby would need two hours of sunlight a week, or about 20 minutes a day. Medium to darker skin tones need a little more time in the sun.

Hard isnt it?

Um. no… it isnt actually.

Today my infant and toddler spent a vast amount of time under the sun making sure that I never have to spend a dime on supplements for vitamin D ever.

This is the daughter of one of my friends and behind her you can see little Aidan in his hat and pants, making sure that his mommy Devin doesnt have to buy any supplements for him either. 😉

Here are the kiddos outside having fun.

These two little chunks are Greg and Calvin, both in red and ready to rule the world… they are inside now after spending some time outside with their crazy older sisters. These two have to stick together.

Today was had playgroup and I feel tired but refreshed. Like minded moms who really arent afraid of rocking the boat. We talked, we co-parented our haggle of kids, and had a great time.

I hosted at our house and I made sure that we do what we can to tell the vitamin manufacturers where they can stuff it if they want to have us give our kids supplements for vitamin D.

I love seeing how happy we all look…  no deficiencies here.



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  2. Carla is about to eat Elise!

    PS. Do you have a typo up there about Calvin and his mommy Devin? :p I can be co-mommy if you like!

  3. Well, if everythings right, no smog, pollution, clouds, sunscreen, the right time of day, latitude, you’ll make your D in about 5 minutes. Forget dark skinned people making much, it takes a lot longer than most people think. It’s pretty impossible for a nursing mother to have enough storage of D so there’s enough in her milk. I, for one, am glad my doctor gave me D to give my babies while I was nursing them, almost 40 years ago. I’m sure it wasn’t much but both walked earlier than most, 9 mos and 10 mos. Hmmm, stronger bones and muscles. Please read the

  4. Patti, I am sorry that you are so informed on the subject… and I am even sorrier that you believe what the vitamin council tells you about what your family and children needs. I chose to not pay much attention to recommendations on meds or anything of the sort that were founded to make money. The vitamin council is in the pocket of those that sell vitamins so really… they are out to sell.. not to educate of even be honest about things. I also want to add that in 40 years a great deal has changed when it comes to research regarding vitamins and what kids need. Forty years ago they believed that formula was superior to breastmilk as well, we obviously know this is faulty.

    My non vitamin D receiving children have also been earlier than most, my first walked at 9 months and at 8 months by son is cruising and taking steps so I am sure that he wont be far behind.

  5. Amen to this! I tried giving my firstborn Vitamin D because the doctor told me so. How a breastfed baby is supposed to suck that stuff out of a dropper is beyond me – and the smell is vile. Most of it wound up dribbled down the front of her clothes. So with my newest nursling, I’m not even going to bother. I’d prefer he get Vitamin D in the manner illustrated in the photos above. 🙂

  6. @erin that is a good choice. 🙂

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