Posted by: webbhouston | April 15, 2009

Sewing clothes clothes with Japanese Fabrics

I have 6 sewing machines. An overlock machine too.

I havent used most of them in a while but I got a bug recently and decided to sew.

I found this fabric on etsy that made me fall in love with it. I love piggies I truly do. Actually.. I didnt find it. The evil Devin found it… go read about her exploits with Japanese fabric on her yarn yoga blog on my blogroll. She has been sewing up a storm too… anyways… this temptress found fabric and sent me the link and I fell in love…

So I made Kate a dress.

It was my first time sewing in a while but I like how it turned out. It fits her well and I find it adorable… it is a linen fabric so it is great for our humid Houston.

Then I decided that Calvin needed an outfit.. so I kept sewing… and this came out of it. It is cute and it fits his fat litle body…it will be the perfect set of outfits for bluebonnet pictures. I think i will do those this weekend.

I have more fabric of this but I am not sure what I am going to do with it.. maybe something for me? Maybe a stuffed animal? Hmm… we shall see.



  1. i would like to see the photos of the dress. Very cute fabric. 🙂

  2. There is a pic of the dress above. 🙂

  3. Action shots!!!

    And ideas for leftovers:
    crayon roll
    herbal dream pillow
    bean bags
    put a scrap on a shirt
    oven mitt
    dishtowel for her kitchen

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