Posted by: webbhouston | March 26, 2009

I will start off by saying…

That we are still sick. I think it has been like two months now. My father says that someone has cursed us and we need a spiritual cleansing… I am about ready to try it.

The 365 blog above has a good description of what one can entail. It usually involved herbs, incense, blood of some animal, prayers, an egg, a curandera, and whatever else your shaman has decided in their vast experience exorcising the bad energies and spirits out of people that you will need to heal.

I dont really believe in any things like this but the “limpia” ceremony (literally means “clean”) is an interesting phenomenon in Mexican culture. We are really a superticious people. I have two beautiful children (no bias here) and everytime we go out and a lady looks at them they have to touch them.  If you dont the kid will get the evil eye or “Mal de Ojo”. A result of this ailment usually involves kids having stomach problems… possibly a great deal of vomiting. It might involve a cold. It some extreme cases it could maybe even lead to the death of the beautiful child. Supposedly this “eye” is not done on purpose but if you look at a child long enough and want one like it or admire it… you can do it without knowing it.. so you must touch the baby or carry it for a few seconds. This will ward off the eye that you could have given the child.

If we go out somewhere and our kids have been stared at we come home and give them a bath with some herbs… this is a good step is keeping the evil out, Gloria goes so far as to give them a rub down with alcohol. She tells me when they have been around women with no children who want children because if that is the case I need to keep an eye out for any signs of sickness that could have been caused as a result.

These beliefs are old and ingrained deep within the culture and psyche of my family. My family doesnt claim to follow the old folk traditions because they are generally based on pagan rituals and beliefs… but when I saw them this Tuesday to have dinner with them they insisted that I put socks on my children to avoid them getting any kind of “bad airs” that come in through their feet. We live in a large city in the united state and my father went to medical school…. and he truly and honest to goodness believes this to be true. They refused to leave until I put sock on my kids feet eventhough it was 80 degrees outside. I shook my head and nodded… knowing full well that even in my skepticism I do my own little things to make sure that none of the evil spirits or energies get to us.

Mike believes in karma, wayyyy before My name is Earl came out… Mike was a believer that karma was a powerful force in our lives and he doesnt believe in doing certain things because it created bad juju for us. We joke about it… and I wonder sometimes if it is he really thinks that it is true or not… but when certain things pop up he will stop me or himself from doing things.. as to not get the dark clouds around us as a result of our actions. I guess this is his own form of weird beliefs.

What’s funny about these beliefs in my culture is that we are very high and mighty about how this is not witchcraft… this is not dark magic.. this is just the energies moving around us.  I guess it is like the “force”… if you want to put it in a geek term.

I find it funny how most cultures have something like this.

So my family insists that someone has somehow put some kind of black mark on our house or our family… maybe we made someone angry or maybe someone is jealous of us. They are unsure but we need a cleansing apparently.

Gloria has made sure to give her house a good cleansing because she wants to make sure that it is not coming from her. She burned a few oils and moved some furniture around to try and create a cleaner “air” for the children and for her.  Their suggestion is that we do something similar.

I have been eating copious amounts of chocolate recently. I think that it is my way of fending off the foul mood I get into when I feel sick. I made chocolate cupcakes this week and the week before I made donuts.

I dont know what the world is telling me but maybe I just need to start using bleach again…

Regardless, I might pick up a dozen eggs tonight to shake in front of my coughing kids and husband. Hey, it cant hurt.



  1. My boss gave me the ojo last week eyeballing a pair of earrings I was wearing. Before the end of the day, I had lost one. She apologized profusely for envying my earrings! She said it was all her fault. I thought it was amusing that you post about the ojo after that happened last week.

  2. Wishing you a Happy Easter!

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