Posted by: webbhouston | March 26, 2009

Calabazas – Calabacitas – Squash

Squash is a food that is in season a great deal of the year here, our climate seems to lend itself to it being grown. We have this green which is my fave, a few yellow variaties, and some other round ones that look like little pumpkins.

The name of my dish “Calabazitas” is actually “little pumpkins” in spanish. This is a really great veg*an dish that is easy to make and inexpensive. We have been getting some great squash in our share recently and i had been waiting for the right opportunity to make a good dish out of them. Last night was the night.

I chopped some red onion. I like using red in this because it is sweeter. I let it sweat for a bit… I didnt want it brown but just translucent and soft. You know what I mean.  I love onion when it is soft and sweet. It adds depts to the party.

After this I added the chopped squash. I like it in squares or strips. I dont know the fancy schamncy name for that… I didnt go to culinary school folks. I just know that small means it cooks faster and I dont have patience or time. So small it is. I let those sweat for a bit and then I add a can of diced tomatoes and raise the heat a bit. At this time you can add corn, cooked and drained beans, and maybe a little veggie broth.  For spices I like cumin (duh), garlic, salt, pepper, maybe some red pepper or chipotle powder… but only if you can handle it. This dish has some great flavors on its own so it doesnt need much. Dont over do it. Cover and let it simmer for a while.

It tastes great right off of the oven but it also tastes good cold…I dont know why it actually tastes better the next day right out of the fridge like a cold soup.

This is a pretty typical mexican dish that I inherited from my mom. It is savory but subtle and easy for kids to eat because it is in small-ish chunks. I tell my kids that the tomato is ketchup. That helps a ton too.


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