Posted by: webbhouston | March 16, 2009

What to do for Spring Break?

My kids have been sick for a couple weeks now. They have a cough that has been lasting forever and snotty noses. They seem to finally be better… I hope.

Last week was the grand opening of the Children Museum with new and improved awesome ninja rooms for kids (ok maybe no ninjas but supposedly awesome anyways).

I want to see it really bad but I am not interested in sitting there with 6000 of my closest friends and their rugrats because this week is the dreaded Spring Break… so I will wait until some time later this month or early next month. But seriously I cant wait. I love museums.

Living in Houston I have access to tons of museums. We frequent The Houston Museum of Natural Science and have a family membership. We truly love the butterfly center that they have. Kate is still scared of the dinosaurs but she is intrigued as well.

Mike and I are huge art lovers so the Art Museum or Houston Museum of Fine Arts has tons of great shows, sometimes shows from the MOMA.

The Contemporary Arts Museum usually has cutting edge things to see, eventhough I kind of have issues with the selling of the museum to pop culture but I am a bit of a purist…. even Mike doesnt agree with me on that one but I am seriously bothered by icons and what seems to me like advertising at museums.

We lived in Montrose for a while, very close to Rothko Chapel and the Menil Collection which is free and full of beautiful art. It is also a great place to have a picnic and take a walk around a great part of the city. It can be a true day event.

Older kids will love the Health Museum, it is fun and gross… as well as informative. My fave kind of learning is the learning the sneaky ninja kind.

This place is gonna be crowded but it is popular… i say with a warning that while this is a fun place to go it is a true “zoo” during Spring Break. It is.. the ZOO!. We have a new little red bear that people are going crazy for. I want to see it but am not going this week. No way. No how.

Is that enough suggestions for now? I’ll post more tomorrow. Off to bed!


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