Posted by: webbhouston | March 2, 2009

I’m baaacckkkk

So I have been sick and busy and driving myself nuts with two kids.

What have we been up to? Tons…

Tomorrow we start a Kindermusik and Sign Language class at our downtown library with the kids. I am looking forward to it.

Kate got her kitchen in finally from Camden Rose.  I am in love with it and so it she… basically it is the most beautiful piece of anything that I have seen in a long time. The wood has a great color and it is true heirloom quality.

I knit the little towel for the oven so she could have her own towel to hang on her kitchen. She thought it was really cool and was amazed that I made it just for her, she knew I made it because she watched me knit it for a couple of days.  It matches our real kitchen because our kitchen has wood trim so she really thinks that it is all part of our kitchen.  She is truly amazing. .. she is getting smarter and more chatty. She amuses Calvin and he amuses her as well.. they do a good job of keeping each other company at this point.

Calvin is no longer my little potato baby… this makes me sad as I truly feel like my baby boy is dissappearing before my eyes… just like Kate did.

this is hard on a mother… so very hard.



  1. YaY! We finally got our kitchen, too. We all love it and I sit and play with it alongside Aidan sometimes. Today, I’m going to take out his cutting fruit and show him what the pull out cutting board is for.

    I’m so glad kate has a little handknit towel for her kitchen! I’m going to get to work on one for Aidan soon as well.

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