Posted by: webbhouston | February 13, 2009

Shopping for stuffs

It is hard to find a places that tells you where to shop and what you need for your monsters.  It is overwhelming, I wont lie. I have been doing this for years and I am still like… I AM SO LOST half of the time.

Recently we were shopping for a forward facing carseat for my two year old and the choices were between the Regent and the Nautilus and I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO WERE. So of course, we bought nothing and I freaked out and came back to the internetz to do some research.

The best thing I would recommend would be to find as much info as you can, blogs are a good place to get info but keep in mind that we are all just people… like you.  So always do research on what is said in blogs. You know what? Scratch that, do research on what you find anywhere… even if it is in a medical magazine peer reviewed by the pope and Dr. DeBakey himself (well hes dead so he cant do that anymore but if he could…) find more info on it.

A good place to start is a wiki. This wiki is for babies and toddlers stuff. What is a wiki? Glad you asked my friend.

It is basically a page that people that are passionate or knowledgeable about a subject put together because they have way too much time on their hands. Ok so thats not exactly what it is… but basically. I have written a couple (no i wont tell you which ones) and they are a good place to start when doing research.

This kiddo wiki linked about is basically a bunch of people who were like “hey lets get all of this info in a central location ok!!” and they did.

Lets analyze a part of the wiki and how good it is.

Shopping for carseats is a big deal for me. The wiki page on it is pretty standard.  It isnt all correct, for example when it talks about Rear Racing carseats it says:

Used for the smallest children, generally up to 1 year or up to 20 pounds.

Well you can (and should) rear face until the maximum limit, which is 35 pounds.  The minimum should be 1 year and 20 pounds not the maximum.

Then the Forward facing one says:

Used for children 1 to 4 years and up to 40 pounds.

Except you can be in a forward facing carseat until 65 pounds.

This is why i say that the site is typical… it has general info but it needs help. I am a carseat nut so I am sure that what I know and believe is pretty much out of the ordinary. The info isnt dangerous or bad.. it is just not great.

Let’s look at some more links on the site.

The Bottle Feeding section makes no mention of BPA and BPA free products. That is not good at all. It does discuss nipple confusion and their info on breastpumps and storage bags is pretty good (battery operated ones really do suck and not in a good way.. LOL).

This in general is a good place to get the basics for information. Which is what a wiki really is… so it serves its purpose well. IF they really were going to give all of the nitty gritty details on everything it wouldnt be a wiki… it would be a book. This is like Cliff’s Notes.

So all in all I think wikis are a good idea. Or you could just use my blog as your bible… you know you want to.


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