Posted by: webbhouston | February 12, 2009

On being sick with two children

I have the plaague of death ™ and it really makes being a mother hard. When you cant breath and your kids are sort of sick they need to be taken care of, but so do you … so life really isnt a peach during this time.

What do I take when sick? It really depends.

I am breastfeeding so I cannot take things like Sudafed because they will possibly dry up my supply. Most antihistamines will do this. I cant take other meds because the drugs will transfer through my milk to the baby I am feeding with my tit juice.

So what can I take? What do I take?

  1. Emergen – C – I swear by this stuff. It tastes horrid but a couple of these a day has helped take the edge off of many colds in the past. It also helps me prevent getting cold when others have colds around me. I did not take some this time when the kids started getting sick and I was surrounded by the sick death plague ™ which I believe is why I feel like death now.
  2. Oscillo by Boiron : I do believe in homeopathic meds and have a cabinet full of things that I take to help me feel better. I also use Coldcalm when my symptoms are not as bad as they do for me to take Oscilo. The kids have their own stuff and I have Chestal for them. Another thing I have around is just straight Pulsatilla. I even give this to the kids because I have it in a dosage that is safe for them to take as well.  This isnt all that I have but it is what I mainly use for my cold/flu symptoms that is actual medecine.
  3. Honey. I love honey. Honey is great for everything. I put it on scars and on pimples. I use it for my facials and I sweeten tea with it. If I had to name a perfect food honey would be it. Raw, Unfiltered, and unheated honey is the best obviously but I understand that it is difficult to find. Well you make do with what you can. As we speak I am downing a little bottle of honey with lemon squeezed into it.  It has other things in it… which brings me to #4.
  4. Garlic.  Garlic is part of my concoction of doom ™ that I make when we are sick. It basically involves heating a lemon under an open flame or in a salamander until it is a little brown (not black, just brown). Adding some of the above mentioned lemon. Garlic. Onions. and putting the lemons face down  in the honey mixture and eating it as hot as you humanly can. I have made this for my husband when he was sick and he hated it but ate it up and felt better.
  5. Chicken soup. Yes it is an old stand by that our moms and grandmothers have used for year and that is one of the reasons why I know it works. This is why I believe that it works. The broth of homemade chicken soup (do not use premade broth because if you do you are officially failing at life) is full of nutrients from the veggies in the soup. The onions, the carrots, the celery… all of this is in the broth. The broth instantly revives us and gets us to drink more liquids… liquids are important when you are sick.
  6. Quick defense: This contains two things that are great for colds, Echinachea and Elderberry. Elderberry syrup is actually easy to make at home and a good cold/flu concotion as well. I think I will try to make some to keep on hand for next time… but not right now. *sneeze sneeze cough cough* Anyways, Quick Defense is really concentrated and really expensive.  But it works. There really isnt much else to say about this.

All of these work in different ways. My beliefs are that we dont need things to cure us, but we need things that will better arm our body so that our body can do its job of curing us.  Sometimes colds, especially repeated ones are signs that we are not doing enough for our bodies. Either we are eating too little to lose weight, or we are not eating the types of foods that our body needs… so it cannot help us fight things off like it should.

I am going to go get some rest and finish off my chicken soup from yesterday. See you on the other side.


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