Posted by: webbhouston | February 10, 2009


So I am pretty much a mom that had the awful colicky baby for her first kiddo. It was no secret that this helped make me get PPD and that for the first few months of my daughter’s life I was a royal mess.  I breastfed her and did not realize at first that something in my diet was making her ill. It was dairy and as soon as that was cut she got better.

I have written whole posts about the guilt that I associated with not realizing this sooner and the Elimination Diet was what finally fixed my child’s suffering and my tears from it.

Before I hit the nail on the head though I did try things that helped a great deal. One of them was babywearing, it helped on a regular basis and I still do it with her at 2+ years of age and with the ShakeNBake. I will write a whole series on that another time but it needs to be mentioned.

Another thing I tried was Colic Calm’s Gripe water. I liked it for a couple of reasons, to begin with their website didnt reek of DRUG UP YOUR BABY NOW instead is has a whole page with causes and suggestions as to what the issue might be and how to fix it without drugging up babies.  I tried them all obviously and this is one of the places where I first saw that it could possibly be related to MY food.

The site also had an article that taught me a lot about reflux. I believe that true reflux exists but that it is highly over diagnosed in infant and most peds are wayyy too happy to write a script for an antacid and give poor babies DRUGGZZZZ.

In the list of ingredients I didnt see a whole lot that scared the bejeesus out of me.  Most of the ingredients are things I had either used myself or know that were used to help with stomach issues. Ginger, Fennel, Chamomille, and aloe are all things that I keep in stock in my home to help with random ailments…. so I figured why not right?

I remember googling late one night and sendin Mike out to get it and him not being able to find it. I was seriously bothered because the pharmacists seemed to be clueless regarding any “natural” type remedies… ugh it was so frustrating.  Anyways we tried it and it helped…things did not get 100% better until after the elimination diet but I can say that this was worth the 10 minutes of peace that it did give us. Thankfully Calvin hasnt needed it and at 6 months it seems like he wont.

I really havent tried other colic drops for kids because as I am sure you know well by now I would rather do anything under the sun than try anything I could buy at a pharmacy. :p

Thankfully, the colic ends.. and now my toddler is a well adjusted yogi. 🙂


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