Posted by: webbhouston | February 8, 2009

The littlest Yogi: Picture edition

So a couple days ago I posted about Kate and I doing yoga together.  I got Mike to take pics of her today while she did her routine. Please allow me to introduce Kate the yogi.

Sitting down we center our bodies. Hands together. In bound angle pose. We relax and get let the yoga take over the next few minutes.

We start off stretching and putting our hands out and to the side. Warrior Pose is a good way to start this session.

We bend over and let the blood get to our heads, freeing our thoughts in downward facing dog.

We rock back and forth stretching out our backs and working our glutes and abs.

Then we stare at mommy who is taking pictures and interrupting our relaxation in cobra pose.

Sorry Kate!! Keep going!

On our knees we hold Hero pose for a 5 count breathing in an out.

Then we jump like monkeys for a few minutes to get out all of the tension of the day.

We balance on one leg using our core to keep us up in a modified hand to toe post.

Then we cool down and let our bodies go back to their natural state, in reclining bound angle.


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