Posted by: webbhouston | February 7, 2009

Someone took my dream away

There is a little store of sorts off of Highway 71 in Columbus Texas.

It is called Industry Country Market it has solar and wind energy and they have classes about green living. They are also a little store and a quaint looking building.

This has been my dream todo for years. I want a little restaurant/store outside of the city.Where i grow my food and serve it to others.  Mike had even thought about putting an alien ship stuck on the land and give tours.

Someone already did this and it makes me sad because now if we do it, we will just seems like copycats. Oh well.

I have been cooking up a storm recently. Above is the banana bread that I made today.

After picking up my co-op share this week I was enthralled that we got greens and cauliflower. Today I made cauliflower curry with coconut milk for dinner. I veganized it (just like the banana bread above) because the cream does not go well with Kate.

Michael was in Austin this week for a few days and I dont realize how much I love him until he is gone… so when he got back I was so happy and now all I want to do is stare at him and make sure he never leaves my sight again. SO of course I cook a lot because I figure that if I cook good food he will never leave again right? 🙂


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