Posted by: webbhouston | February 4, 2009

The littlest Yogi

Kate and I have been doing kareoke a lot together. When we are home alone I pack Calvin in a MT or wrap and Kate and I dance and sing.  She loves the Beatles, but only the old school Beatles. None of the experimenting with drugs Beatles, she will love that when she gets older but for now “Help” is pretty much awesome. She also enjoys “Proud Mary” the CCR version.

Last night we started doing yoga again. We used to do it when she was younger but we hadnt in a while… she loved it and she is so good at it. She is flexible and has good control of her body so this was really good for her and for me.  She closed her eyes and relaxed with me and she was really calm by the time it was over. Her hands in prayer pose and her eyes closed she looks absolutely adorable. I wish that I could grab a good pic of that but I know it would mess with her relaxation so I will only have pictures in my mind.

I am on the lookout for a little yoga mat for kids, does such a thing exist? I want something that I can keep in her area that she can unroll herself when she wants to do yoga on her own.



  1. ok zen mama, just take 1 pic!

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