Posted by: webbhouston | January 27, 2009

From the television show House

It’s from the recent “Painless” episode of “House,” where Wilson is talking to Cuddy about her “failed” (in her eyes) foster care home visit.

Wilson I take it the home inspection was pushed back?
Cuddy I passed.
Wilson You do realize that’s a good thing?
Cuddy This place was a disaster. I had to stash a dirty diaper in my briefcase.
Wilson So you buy another briefcase.
Cuddy I let House supervise himself. That’s like handing a 12 year old the keys to the liquor cabinet. And the car.
Wilson You passed the inspection. The patient lived. The car is still in the driveway.
Cuddy And the next time my nanny gets sick? When House wants to saw someone in half?
Wilson Did I mention you passed the inspection?
Cuddy I passed by their meager standard. I failed by mine.
Wilson Why do women always do that?
Cuddy Fail?
Wilson Create ridiculous standards that no human could meet. With your careers, with your kids. You’ve got to be more like us men.
Cuddy Be lazy. Blame others.
Wilson Get help. Most men in your position have a deputy and two assistants at work, and a wife and two nannies at home. You’re not Superwoman. Don’t be a martyr.

This hits oh so close to me…

Sometimes we set unreachable expectations for ourselves and this causes us to really drive ourselves nuts.


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