Posted by: webbhouston | January 23, 2009

Birth Statistics

My midwife Jackie posted her statitics for the year on the births the has attended.

We helped with 66 babies at Bay Area Birth Center in 2008!
Home births 33
Birth Center 33
Biggest Baby 10 pounds, 10 ounces
Smallest Baby 5 punds, 13 ounces
Transferred to Hospital Moms-8, Babies-1
C-Sections- 3
Premature- 1 (at 34 weeks)
Oldest Mom- 44
Youngest Mom- 20
Attempted VBAC’s- 7, Successful VBAC’s-7
Breech Births-1
Long term morbidity-0
Miscaraiges-8 (not counted in total)

These are great numbers. Her csection rate is roughly 5% which is an acceptable percentage for her total births.  The percentages of csections that is considered ok is roughly 10% for a practitioner so this is a great number.

Another number that needs to be mentioned is VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). She had a 100% success rate last year with VBACs and that is wonderful.  Here in Houston getting a VBAC is all but banned. All of these VBACs were homebirth, I know this because birth centers cannot have VBACs at their centers… why? Ask the government.. not me. I dont know why.

The whole risk of uterine rupture thing that they claim is sooo scary seems to not be as big of a deal as they claim it is, especially if you dont give a mom pitocin which makes the risk worse.

She even helped deliver a breech!!

If the stats for our country as whole were like this the costs of deliveries would be MUCH less, and there would be less babies in the NICU and there would be less mothers recovering from painful surgeries… leading to more breastfeeding success rates.

I am so happy that my little Calvin was one of the homebirths in this tiny statistical survey.



  1. That VBAC rate is especially encouraging! Thanks for sharing…

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