Posted by: webbhouston | January 19, 2009

Hippie Calling Card

Today I had off from work so I took the kids to the park. Here we met a few of my buddies because they have a cool hippie moms play group called “Happy Ones”. I love the name of the group, it is so appropriate… we are all a bunch of moms with an Attached Parenting agenda and we sit and cajole about our children and husbands… while they run around us as we sit in a circle in the middle on a blanket and the smallest members of the group just sit there crawling and rolling around. We really are like a little pack of women having a pow-wow.

Since I work full time I had missed many of the playgroups and new mothers have been added to our group.  I didnt know who they all were and when I got there I knew that my usual buddies were not there yet (my friends are always late).

Until I saw this.

Seeing a mother wearing her baby made me feel at home and I walked up to her and started talking. I was wearing Calvin in a Mei Tai and she knew I was of her kind.

We talked and the kids started playing together, more showed up and soon enough we had our little group again and we talked about everything.

One of the regular moms has two girls who are very spirited and love dressing up…. here was one in her latest fashion statement.

We were there for around two hours. Digging in the mulch and playing in the grass. It was windy and slightly chilly but our kids were not bothered by it. Calvin slept in the carrier all the time we were there except for a few minutes where he woke up to nurse and bite me. Other moms were there with their nurslings and people who were not part of our group walked around us wondering what this cult of moms with exposed boobs was all about.

Why our children were so wild and free and enjoying the sunshine and hugging and kissing each other.

Why we were all so comfortable allowing them to run around us and be free.

Why we seemed to calm in our parenting and so calm with each other, with no bickering… each of us “parenting” the other mom’s kids if we saw them about to fall, or with a large stick, or they just needed a snack. The level of trust in this group is really what makes us. It is very exclusive and it honestly isnt for everyone… and those of us in it like it that way. We arent better or worse mothers… we just believe in the same fundemental principles of being a parent. Let your child be a child…

Here is Kate bossing around another one of the kiddos from the group. She likes to do that.



  1. I want a copy of that pic, plskthxbai.

    I love our little group!

  2. I guess I’m not hippie enough to join in the fun… :`(

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