Posted by: webbhouston | January 17, 2009


Music is a big part of our life.

Some of the first toys that we got for the kids were music oriented. We sing songs to them and we dance alot. We have a little boombox in their bedroom and it is turned on most of the time.

Kate has started singing to herself and to us and to the baby. Her favorite songs right now are “Frere Jacques” and “B-I-N-G-O”. She sings them while playing on her glockenspiel. I love that toy and she does too. I bought it for her when she was a few months old and it has been one of her favorite since then. She understands rhythm and shakes rattles and rolls. She loves certain types of music… like zydeco and heavy metal. If we want her to go to sleep we have to make sure that we arent watching VH1 or MTV because she will want to get up and play air guitar.

Calvin loves being sung to, when he is upset I sing to him and he gets happy again.  If music is on he listens attentively and moves his head towards the sounds.

Music is such an important part of learning that it really matters to us that our kids have access to it on a regular basis.

What songs do your kiddos like?


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