Posted by: webbhouston | January 11, 2009

Babies, babies everywhere…

All of my friend’s babies are finally earth-side and are doing fine.  Every day we find out that more of our friends are expecting and it is just insane. Stop having babies people!!!

It is appropriate that this post is about pediatricians then I guess because that is what happens after you have a baby… you have to visit a pediatrician.  While you dont have to, most people chose to because they want to weigh the baby, make sure that it is ok, possibly get tests done and after a while vaccines.

This is part of my “Where do I go for…” in the Houston area series.

We dont really see our pediatricians unless we are sick. We did well baby visits for a while with Kate and every time we went to got the third degree about not getting the vaccines that we “needed” to get.  Our ped is actually pretty good about not pressuring and about not immediately giving kids antibiotics for no reason and we really like him… but he is still a doctor.

We use the Pediatric Medical Group.  Our doctor is James Allison.  My BFF Devin uses Dr. Injac. That whole group is very good about respecting parents in regards to their decisions on their children’s health and well being.  The group was started by a doctor who understood parents and was very much into informed consent.

Some people dont believe that a pediatrician is really necessary but that a general pracitioner are just fine. I tend to agree.  One of the doctors that are holistic and respectful of personal decisions is Nellie Grose.

Another pediatrician who is open to alternative ideas and who respects parents is Krenie Stowe.  She often gives talks on infant and toddler care and on how to deal with common illnesses without medical intervention.

These are the most common pediatricians recommended in the greater houston area, there are others and I will add more in later posts the more that I find out more about them. Like I said before, I cannot and will not recommend someone that I do not have some kind of persoanl experience with.

And as an update to my birthing choices post about hospitals, midwives, and OBs. I have to add.

Stay far far away from West Houston Medical Center. A friend of mine is there right now and it is a fight and a half. They know nothing about breastfeeding and if she wasnt an educated mother she would be well on her way to having no supply for the baby and the baby would never be with her.



  1. I think one of my favorite things about our branch of Texas pediatric group and Dr. Injac is that no one – not even a receptionist – blinked an eye when I said the baby would be & was born at home. I LOVE that.

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