Posted by: webbhouston | January 4, 2009

2009 and we are doing fine

If you ask Kate how she is doing she says, “doin’ fine”.

That describes our year so far.

We slept early on new years eve and have a nice little family weekend since then.

Devin my BFF had her second baby boy on New years. He is beautiful and his feet at tiny and his nail are sharp. He was born in their home, in their big tub, in the caul.  Her birth was picture perfect and they are all happy and healthy.  He has no name but he will soon.  Seeing her happy and relaxed you wouldnt think she had a baby a few days ago.

It almost makes we want another one. Almost. It sure as hell makes my uterus twitch.

I had our little Cal recently…. so I dont need a new baby… but knowing that this is our last baby makes me sad sometimes.

Oh well… happy birthday “No name baby”. We love ya and my kiddos cant wait to get ahold of you to play with you and Aidan, the happy older brother.


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