Posted by: webbhouston | December 27, 2008

Digging the earth after a good breakfast

I totally believe in short cuts when cooking… but there are a few things that I just will never understand. One of them is why people would use a mix for pancakes. Really people it is not that hard to make pancakes. I cant bake to save my life yet somehow I am pretty decent at making pancakes of all sorts.

This morning I made banana pancakes with some ripe bananas that needed to dissappear soon. We all ate them up and they made for a hearty breakfast with some fruit salad.

After the breakfast we all got ready for our busy day.

Our front flower bed hadnt been touched in ages and it needed some real work. I decided that this weekend was when we would start on tilling the soil for our fruits and veggie that we will be growing this next year in our garden. It was a nice warm day, around 75 degrees, and it had been for a couple of days. This made it a good time to start airing our ground and getting rid of weeds and old plants. It was hard work and we didnt get all of it done but we did get a great deal done. It was also a ton of fun. Recently leading agencies have some out saying that kids dont get enough Vitamin D which is because they arent outside in the sun enough. I wanted to make sure that my kids didnt have this problem. 🙂

Kate even helped.

She was on her little knees digging out weeds and airing out the dirt.

The little outdoor set that my brother in law gave Kate for christmas was immediately put to good use and it got all dirty. She used it to carry around dirt and to scrap the ground with her little hands.

Calvin was part of the fun too. Mike and him were outside hanging out with us. We had some waterproof blankets for picnics that we put him on and he sat up and watched us like a champ.

We filled a wheelbarrow with weeds and trash and compost goodness… i dug so hard that I bent a rake.

I guess I dont know my own strength huh?

We then started raking up the leaves to put in our compost pile which makes beautiful soil for us to use.

Kate did a bang up job helping us rake up leaves. You know when she wasnt trying to eat them.

Of course the leaves provided her with a new set of toys to play with.

You cant fake laughter like that… and you cant give a child the happiness and peacefulness that comes with a roll in the sun with a Wii or Xbox.

After a while Mike got in on the action. Calvin needed to nurse for a bit and Mike got jealous of all of the fun that Kate and I were having.

when we were done, she was ready to go again… you cant stop a motivated little girl with dirt on her mind.

I know that it isnt supposed to be 75 degrees around christmas, but if it is going to be… why not use it for good?

After this we all had a good shower and the kids took a nap. No better way to get a little Vitamin D huh?


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