Posted by: webbhouston | December 26, 2008

Christmas Update: Christmas Day Edition

Kate spent all evening playing with Paux Paux Webb. They are two peas in a nutty pod when they are together.

We opened gifts.

My brother in law made a basket of farmers market fruits and veggies with a basket from Ten Thousand Villages. Kate thought that the persimmons smelled funny.

He also made a beautiful “soup in a jar” with ingredients and instructions on how to make a great little soup. The presentation was beautiful… I really dont want to make it but I probably will soon.  Shake and Bake loves it too.  You can see him staring at it and wondering when he will get to have some yummy lentils and rice.

Kate got a ton of great gifts from our family. They are always so creative about what gifts to give the kids. We have serious issues with gifts with batteries and that make noises… we also hate plastic. The best gifts for us are learning and activity gifts… and this is a great one. A kaleidoscope. This little metal cylinder is going to give hours of endless entertainment and discovery for our two year old. And her parents.

She also received some puzzles…. she loves puzzles. Her little brain starts working as soon as she sees them.

I made Michael a book on Snapfish with pictures of the kid and him. It was his christmas gift from the children… it was like a love note from them to their daddy. I hope he liked it… it was made with such love.

Here is Calvin enjoying the Lambskin rug that I bought him for christmas. He loves it.. he digs his face into it and grabs onto it. I love the way it feels and it breaths really well. I bought it from Ruskovilla as well as some other things for Kate. I cant wait to get more things from this company. Their stuff is amazing.

My awesome Brother In Law gave Kate some great outdoor toys made from recycled plastic milk jugs from Green Toys.

My family is is really big into soccer. It is really kind of like the law that all Mexican families have to be into soccer… its like a religion. SO of course my daughter needs a soccer set. This will bring endless hours of entertainment and put her well on her way to being the professional soccer player that my father wants her to be. The first outfits that my parents bought her were rival soccer team uniforms for her. Each in their respective favorite team. She has around 5 of them now and so does our son. Soccer is serious business.

The Rockets outfit she is wearing my inlaws bought her. They are basketball people.  Sports are a big deal Kate. No pressure.

This sports thing is hard work. Let’s take a rest for a while ok?

The cooking started and it was a mad house. Mike and I worked and cooked together while the kids played outside with their new toys. Michael made the fruit salad which was beautiful and really good.

It had red and green cherries. Coconut chips. Bananas. Apples. Oranger. Marshmellows. Peacher. Grapes and mized nuts. Just divine and stunning to look at. The bowl the salad is in Michael gave me for Xmas this year. It is made of recycled plastics 100%. The colors are beautiful and it is responsibily made not in China.

The stuffed Zucchinis were great. I scooped out the innards of the zucches and mixed the guts with cheese, sour scream, proscuitto, onions, bell peppers, and curry powder.

The ham was absolutely divine. It was a ham from Paidom meats.. as usual. Do we eat meat from anywhere else? Nope.. not really.  The glaze was a brown sugar and mustard paste… it was delcared the best ham in years.  the crust was perfect. we cooked it from almost frozen, expecting a disaster.

Another side that I made was a baked mac and cheese. I used a variation of Alton Browns recipe. Started it out with a bechamel sauce and a million pounds of cheese. The crust was of panko bread crumbs and cheese. It took a good while to make (as did everything else that I made) but it was worth it.

It was a good christmas dinner with our family and with good food. We washed a million dishes and scrubbed a dozen pots and pans but it was worth it.  I cant wait till next year.


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