Posted by: webbhouston | December 26, 2008

Christmas recap: Christmas Eve edition

It seems like the day after Christmas always seems like a huge low after the massive high. Our high started Christmas eve when we ran home and started the cooking. We had already prechopped a great deal of what we needed for our pot pie so this was really not so bad at all.

The crust was perfect and flaky… even if it didnt brown. it stayed pale as a goth kid… still it tasted amazing and was loved by all. I think that I am going to make the pot pie a tradition for us for Christmas eve, it seems like it was a real hit. Full of veggies and really good for you. Kate even ate the green beans, broccolli, cauliflower, and carrots inside of it.. maybe she ate it because she helped me chop them? she loves eating stuff she helps prepare. I made the pot pie in my red enamel glazed cast iron pan and it turned out just perfect. I love that dish. seriously folks cast iron is worth it.

I got the recipe for this dish from the Compassionate Cookbook by PETA. The gravy is a mushroom gravy and the crust is just vegetable shortening, water, flour, and salt. It is a great recipe to throw in all of your extra veggies and you do not miss meat at all.

I was originally going to make regular pinto beans as a side… well we got home and I realized that I had NO BEANS AT ALL. This is unheard of.  We always have beans. We buy them by the mega bag load and we never run out. Beans are really some of our favorite meal.. we eat them with everything!!! So I ran around looking for a suitable replacement for beans and I found lentils.  I love them and I believe that they are totally under appreaciated in most households. They came out perfect and were a great side dish. Just add a little tomatoes, onions, maybe some curry.. and we are done.  I got this recipe from the “lets pull stuff out of my pantry” cookbook.. ok so it isnt a real cook book but it is generally how I cook.

This leads to combinations that I am sure my husband would rather forget.

My husband was in charge of the potato salad. He is every year honestly… I dare not come between that man and his potato salad recipe. It is the same recipe that his mother uses and really.. what smart woman comes between a man and his mommy? Yeah.. not one so I stand back and watch his work.

This recipe is pretty much a perfect recipe. If somehow they could incorporate booze into it, it would be completely perfect but well.. that is another post entirely.

It consists of olives, relish, eggs, potatos, mayo, mustard, and other stuff i cant remember… all I know is that there are no real measurements involved just dipping your finger into the bowl and tasting and hoping that it turned out good. Usually.. this is not a problem. It surely wasnt this time as the salad was perfect and we all ate it heartily for days.

We needed rice. Well I always need rice. Rice and I are best friends and go way back… I loves me some rice. Rice. Rice Rice. Rice with everything. Yum.

We cooked and cooked, then ate and ate and were merry.

We went to bed and waited for the next day when the presents would be opened and the Christmas dinner would be made… that was a different story all together. …


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