Posted by: webbhouston | December 24, 2008

Homemade scrub

Yesterday I really needed a facial scrub.  I can feel my face get thicker and thicker without it. I can sense that I am going to break out. My pores scream from within my dermis and demand some TLC. My skin aches with the pimples yearning to get through and break the skin.

So I made a scrub with stuff that I had laying around the house. I am the MacGyver of homemade cleaning and health products. I firmly believe that everything that our family would ever need to be clean is already living in my pantry so I dont need much else.

My scrub consisted of Honey, Salt, and Olive Oil. Mix it until it is a nice paste and put it on your face and scrub… then take it off with warm water. The difference is amazing. I need to remember to make this more often because seriously.. my face looked something awful yesterday. The dead skin cells (whatever it’s just dirt) were clogging my pores and this helped my face go back to its natural glow.

Let’s pretend that my face actually had a “natural glow” for a bit ok? I appreciate you guys playing along here, my ego really thanks you.


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