Posted by: webbhouston | December 23, 2008

Christmas lights and Christmas Cooking

Kate has a wagon. Mike gave it to her for her birthday earlier this month, it is a large radio flyer monstrosity that she loves and cries for when she isnt in it…. Mike and Kate take walks around the neighboorhood and see the lights and the reindeer. She loves them and he loves seeing her smile..

Our neighboor doesnt have very many people who have decorated. We live on a busy street so to me it is our civic duty to give the kids who are passing my our street something to see when they are driving on it.


I started chopping this weekend and tonight is the first push of baking for the holidays. Since tomorrow is christmas eve we have to have the snacks ready for family to come in to town.

Since my cooking usually involved a whole hell of a lot of onions I chopped a few onions in preperation.  They are safely stashed in our fridge and ready to be used…

The rest of my hoy trinity of cooking are green peppers and tomatoes. Again… I usually use tons of both of these I made sure that we have some available for use. I will be cooking for a long time for the next two days and prepping up the food saves me tons of time.

This is for my pot pie. I am really excited about this one it is a recipe that I first tried at my friend Janis’s house and that I am taking as my own baby. Crust and all. Speaking of crusts I am venturing into crust making this week… I am a little worried about it because I must be honest with you. I SUCK AT BAKING seriously folks I cannot follow directions so to me this crust stuff is rocket science.

Mike being the wonderful husband that he is went out and found me a nice pastry cutter like this.

so that i can make the perfect crust… i hope that it works because this crust was amazing at Janis’s so I have to recreate its flaky goodness. Anyone want to come over and try and help me do it?


yeah I thought so.. chickens.



  1. My flaky pie crust recipe might be worth a shot? Its very versatile- I use it for sweet pies and savory pies, like chicken pot pie.

    1/2 cup cold butter (or, you know, lard… or margarine)(crisco is flavorless, so I don’t use it)
    1 cup all purpose flour (don’t use bread or cake flour – too much gluten in the bread flour, no browning in the cake)
    1/3 to 1/2 cup cold water
    1 tablespoon white vinegar (I also use apple cider vinegar with success)

    Grate cold (or frozen even) butter into flour
    Toss to coat butter bits with flour
    Add vinegar to water
    Pour most of the water/vinegar mixture into the flour/butter mixture and mix only until it comes together in a lump. If it’s dry outside you may need to use all the water; if it’s not, use less. SPECIFIC, I know! The less water you use the less gluten is activated, blah blah blah.

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