Posted by: webbhouston | December 17, 2008

Raising the new green generation

My children are being injected with the hippie koolaid on a regular basis.  My daughter knows that Walmart is evil. She also thinks that most candy is “icky”. Except for chocolate of course. We all love chocolate. Especially organic chocolate. God bless you Dagoba chocolate for making products so good they should be banned in most states.

We started from the most basic things with our kids. We breastfeed. My daughter at 2 years old still gets breastmilk when her brother leaves some and once in a blue moon asks to latch on.  I have no problem with her getting breastmilk and it is still good for her.  Our kids never got nor will get formula. Calvin is 17 pounds and growing at 4 months, so he is obviously not starving by being on nothing but breastmilk and Kate hit all of her milestones early and was steadily in her percentile for height and weight (and still is).

Think of it this way, breastmilk comes in these handy re-useable containers which have many purposes. 😉

It comes from a willing animal, so it is vegan. Yes I have heard the theory that breastmilk is not vegan but I have no idea who really believes that makes sense.

It does not contain any manufactured ingredients or things that you cant pronounce. Unlike formula which is full of high fructose corn syrup and occasionally melanine!!

If you give it to the child directly from the tap there are no bottles to wash, no nipples to sterilize, no plastics to throw away that sit in land fills forever.

No resources are used up making it. Formula uses pesticides, ink, animals, water, fuel, and many other things to make. Not to mention the costs in shipping it a store where you can buy it from.

When we travel we carry less stuff for our babies. Since I am a 24 hour infant buffett we dont carry around any equipment to make formula or feed our kid formula. I just pop out the boob and go. No need to stop what we are doing, since I am skilled at nursing in any kind of sling I can walk, work, do whatever while the kiddo is latched on and going to town.

We dont even have to go into how breastfed babies tend to be sick less often, using less medical resources as well. Breastfeeding is a green choice all around and breastfeeding mothers should be proud of doing something that is so beneficial to their children and to the environment. I have been nursing a child nonstop for 2 years and will probably continue doing so for a good while longer as Calvin is only a few months old. 

Oh’s also FREE.

For our family breastfeeding was the start in a long line of green choices that help shape our lives.  Actually…. breastfeeding was not a choice for us. It just was something we were going to do. There was no option of “breastfeeding is not for us” or “lets see what happens”… it had to be done. I remember when Kate was a new born and my milk hadnt come in yet so she cried and tried to latch on… it was hard. When she had jaundice and people recommended that we give her formula… it was hard. When we got thrush and it was painful to nurse… it was hard. When she got teeth so young and bit off a chunk of my nipple while nursing… it was REALLY hard. But nothing was worth us quitting and no amount of bad advice was going to change our mind.

Breastfeeding is about more than being eco-friendly, it is about what is best for everyone involved. Even the mother.


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