Posted by: webbhouston | December 16, 2008

Let it snow

Last week Houston got something that it hasnt gotten in years.


At the time we were taking care of Aidan my BFFs almost two year old son while she was in her birthing class so we bundled the kids up and brought them outside to play in the snow for a while. The kids both ate snow off of dirty cars and liked touching and experimenting with it.

There they are, wondering what that white stuff is on the car.

It is amazing to see the snow and watch it fall like this.

I know that for some of you snow is no big deal but to us it is. We dont get snow often and our children might not get the chance to see snow in very many more years, unless we go somewhere where there is snow for christmas or something like that.

I was happy that our little part of town got some snow and that it has actually been a little cold. I remember a christmas a few years ago where we were all wearing shorts, so this having to dress up and wear jackets and hats has been a real treat for us.


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