Posted by: webbhouston | December 16, 2008

Cooking with kids again

Kate’s birthday was Thursday and the best way to celebrate for us was to be together and make something that we would all enjoy. For us that is pizza.  Kate cant eat dairy so she hardly ever get a real pizza to herself, so my goal was to have her day be special and for her to have a pizza she could gobble up.

We started off with a nice dough and pizza sauce. She loved spreading it with a spoon and made a mess while doing it. Of course, that was part of the deal.

spreadin the sauce

spreadin' the sauce

 We were so good that we were able to work on two pizzas at a time.

Double teaming the pizzas

Double teaming the pizzas

Next came the cheese.

Well soy cheese to be more exact.  This seriously was her favorite part. Probably because she did a great job of eating the cheese while putting it on her pizza.

She is just like me in that aspect. Cant cook without eating half of the meal before hand.

Next on the list was putting the pepperoni on the pie. She very delicately counted out twenty pieces and laid them flat.

I watched over her while she carefully arranged the pepperoni slices and selected which ones she would eat before cooking the pie.

Before too long the pizza was ready and she sat down to eat it.




She enjoyed it and she really loved not having to pick off the cheese before eating it because it isnt good for her. She really enjoyed the cooking experience and every night she drags her little chair next to me while I cook or clean to help me. She looks forward to it. I think I have started a great tradition here with her helping me cook.

Happy Birthday to my little girl Kate. You rock my socks.


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