Posted by: webbhouston | December 8, 2008

Reactionary measures are never well thought out…

Selecta toys will no longer sell in the US.

Bye bye selecta

Bye bye selecta

For those of you who have no idea what these new guidelines are read here.

These new guidelines basically will require testing of every single lick of everything that is for kids in the United States. this in itself isnt a problem, except for the exorbitant prices that the testing will cost and that our testing is different (not better just different) than the rest of the world’s. Making it impossible and ridiculously hard for homemade toys, moms making stuff out of their homes, and even retailers like Selecta (which makes some of the most beautiful, safe, fun, and beautifully crafted toys in the world) not able to sell within the US without a huge price increase.. if at all.

It bothers me that this will make the toys that are safe not be sold because of them not being able to get the testing done, and that the megalomarts like Walmart and such who can afford the testing will most likely continue producing their *pardon my french* crappy plastic toys only because they can afford to follow the new regulations.

I know that this is a reaction to the huge china recalls in the past couple of years but this is an awful way yo go around trying to right the wrong that were done. ugh.. they just dont get it do they?

For more information go to the website of the Handmade Toy Alliance.

They mention Kathe Kruse dolls in the article. I hope that these dolls are still sold in the US as they are some of my absolutely favorite dolls for the kids. They are just beautiful.


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