Posted by: webbhouston | November 30, 2008

Tractors, Toddlers, and Turkeys

I have been MIA from the internets for the past few days because I was being held hostage against my will (ha ha) at my inlaws house. They have no internets so I go through serious withdrawl while I am there.

It is so relaxing to not have communication with the outside world for most of this time. When I first started dating Mike we didnt even have phone service out there. Now we do but no internet still. As much as I complain about it, I love it. It is the only way to get me to disconnect from the outside world for a while and quite honestly I need it sometimes.

Please meet Paux Paux.

Or at least the back of his head.

Paux Pauxs head

Paux Paux's head

This is my father in law and Mike’s awesome dad. He drove us around in tractor and tractor trailers and we loved it.

Tractor Love

Tractor Love

I was loving it, Calvin was asleep on my chest… as usual and Mike was having a blast.

Wow I look tired.

Wow I look tired.

Here I am fashioning a new camera that Mike had to bring with us.

It is so small, it fits in a pocket.

It is so small, it fits in a pocket.

It is a Sony High Def flash media AVC HD camera. Teeny Tiny and adorable but powerful.

Look at the TEENY camera!

Look at the TEENY camera!

Mike’s parents live in this adorable and sleepy little town called Buna Texas.

The place has one stoplight and at the most a couple thousand people. It is around 30 minutes away from Beaumont, Texas and close to the Texas/Louisiana border. Mike grew up there and his parents lived in the same house for over 25 years.  I believe that their plan was never to get a new house but their home was totalled by the insurance company after Hurricane Rita in 2005. They live in Jasper county which was right where the eye of the storm came in, and eventhough they are pretty inland they had sustaintial damage in their county. A tree fell on the corner of their house and punched a hole or two in the roof. While the insides were ok and the house itself was livable they needed to purchase a new home sooner or later so they looked and looked for a new perfect home for a while.

They have a little over 6 acres of land and their old house was on one end, so they decided to move the new house to another end of the land.  To do this they had to drill a new well (they are obviously on well water), new septic system, put up a new light pole, you know everything… this was finally done and they were able to move into their new house recently.

While I understand that to many people a septic system isnt the most interesting thing one earth, I believe this one is fascinating. Their system takes all of the waste water and the bacteria inside of it breakdown the waste material in it. After it does this, it sprays out the water onto their garden. No harmful stuff that stays underground and the water is used to do a greater good.

Septic System

Septic System

There is tons of random stuff all over the land. This is the car that Michael learned to drive in. Still looks good as new doesnt it?

Hidden car

Hidden car

I will update more about the food situation during thanksgiving and about what other things we did while on our trip out into the country of east texas. I loved it, but I am glad to be back.



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