Posted by: webbhouston | November 25, 2008

Crafty McCrafterson

I made Shake and Bake a Taggie Blanket last night with some fabric that I had. My son has been sticking everything in his mouth and I needed something that was easy to clean because lets face it… anything in his mouth is going to get puked on at some point. Probably sooner than later. So I wanted to make sure that we had something that we could just stick in the washer and not worry about.

I have a million sewing machines. No seriously… I have more sewing machines than I have people in my house. Between my awesome Inlaws giving us some, Michael buying others, and me wanting an Overlock machine.. we have more sewing machines than we have a right to have… so one would assume that I pulled out one of these contraptions to make my little blanket right?


I hand stitched it. Yes. THE WHOLE THING. I added the ribbons first, then stiched the border all around to close it up. It was relaxing and it only took me a couple of hours. It wasnt so bad really. I finished it around 10:00 pm and started it around 7 or so… I just have one thing left on it before Calvin can use it. TO finish embriodering his name on the back of the blanket so that it is personalized.  I will post pics once it is done.


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