Posted by: webbhouston | November 24, 2008

On Shopping

As I look through the pictures of our home and of us I realized that very few things that our family has is purchased at a regular store.

There are days when not a single thing that the kids or I are wearing were bought at a store.

Much of the kid’s clothing is used as is mine. I do not apologize for the fact that we buy at garage sales, thrift stores, from friends, from family, etc. To me this is much better than spending a fortune to buy new for something that they will only use a couple times.

I am on and which is where I bought a great deal of my kid’s diapers since we cloth diaper. They have forums on there for selling clothes for kids, adults, etc. and most of the kid’s clothes is from there. Gloria also has a huge family from which we all share and give towards each other for our kids. When one kid is done with the size 12 mos. clothing, another one is on their way there so the clothes is sent to them… and so forth. Some clothes has gone through 4 or 5 kids, and a few outfits are almost 10 years old. With proper care kids clothes can last forever and be passed through many generations. While you have to be careful about recalls and things like that just use your own judgement and save the money you would spend buying 25 dollar outfits for kids at Baby Gap or Gymboree and use it for shoes. A good wash to any baby clothes and your thrift store finds are ready to be puked on!! Oh and if you find any stains… sun it out. Seriously. The sun is the best bleach since .. well.. the sun. 😉 There really is nothing as good.

Shoes are a big deal to me, not just because of how cute they are but because I think that a few good pairs of shoes are important especially when kids start walking. When they are little then my kids are mostly barefoot, and even when they are walking around at home they are either barefoot or wearing some socks with non skid soles from either Sternlein or Nowali. But when they go outside I am really careful about getting them good shoes. I swear by Platypaws for infants with no need for more than just little crib shoes but for shoes with flexible soles which help kids protect their feet from the environment/glass/etc. but still arent so rigid… I LOVE Pedipeds. We have a few other types of shoes too, like See Kai Run, Livie and Luca, and Pedoodles too… but my faves are Pedipeds. By far.

A great deal of my maternity clothes came from either resale shops or Ebay. Seriously ebay was a godsend. 

I do not feel like a bad mother for the fact that my kid wear used clothing. Quite the opposite. With all of the chemicals that are in the dyes and the amount of resources that are used to create new clothing, if you cant buy organic clothing then used is the best thing. We have some clothing from Happy Green Bee and Kate Quinn organics but I cannot afford to dress my kids in all organic apparel. By reusing clothing you help avoid that the clothes ends up in a landfill. The three R’s are “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”. With this tip, you are doing all three.



  1. “I do not feel like a bad mother for the fact that my kid wear used clothing.”

    Why should you when there’s so many unforunate children nowadays especially with so many unemployed parents.
    Just think of the used clothing thats thrown away after a year or less of wearing. Some of those clothes could be worn again by someone.

  2. Well some people do think that it is bad that my kids dont have mostly new clothing, I dont know why… it isnt like you can get diseases from used dresses!!

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