Posted by: webbhouston | November 14, 2008

Thank God It’s Friday

This is a funny website, these people should not hyphenate their names.

This weekend is going to be the first chilly weekend of the year. This means two things.

A) Get out the jackets and long johns.

B) It’s chili season folks!!

Chili Recipes are like assholes. Everyone’s got one.  Living here in Texas chilli is a very important part of life, being of Mexican origin… Chiles (a part of chili) IS life.

To begin with there is a difference between Chile’s and Chili.

Chile is the spanish word for pepper. So when you people say “Chile pepper” you are saying.. “pepper pepper”. The word chile really refers to the fruit of the plant from which we get the peppers. It doesnt mean a specific kind of pepper, as there are many of them. To make this even more complicated, the same pepper will have a different name if it is smoked, raw, in a sauce, pickled, etc.  For example, we have serrano peppers, jalapeno peppers, and chipotle peppers. We have chile de arbol, chile piquin, chile habanero. We have chile ancho. Thel ist goes on, and on, and on…. but it is imperative to understand that chile means pepper.

We use chiles to make chili .

Chili or Chili con Carne is a dish that basically has peppers (or chiles), meat or some sorts, onions, garlic, and a myriad of spices.

People are very passionate about their chili. Some say that adding beans is paramout to sacriledge. Others say that beans give it a depth that you cant get without it.  You are supposed to add masa harina for thickness and texture. I have seen some people just crunch up some tortilla chips (personally I find this preposterous, even if my old love Alton Brown does it.) Some people add corn (ick) and other veggies (double ick), I have many veggie and vegan friends that make it with faux meatz and other alternatives, they actually taste quite good like that too. I personally like to make it healthier using ground turkey or chicken in addition to ground beef. Some people add sour cream as a seasoning, other add grated cheese. Some purists (like me) think that the spices should be enough with a nice sprinkling of sea salt. yum.

My husband makes a mean chili and I will try and recreate it tonight for dinner. Usually a good chili starts with good beans. Yes we are some of those people that put beans in their chili. Feel free to take away my Texan card and burn me at the stake. I like beans. Anyways, usually I will start by making a pot of my famous beans. I make a great borracho beans and these beans make a great base for great chili. Great huh? :p

Our chili usually starts off with some meat cubez. Those are browned in a deep pan, when the meat is all brown and has lefts it’s juicy bits you take the meat out and sautee some onions until they are translucent and sweet. Masa harina comes to down to party. Then some garlic is added and then the meatz again. All of this is really done to taste. Some people like lots of garlic others dont. It is a personal matter. Personally me likes onions.

After these are all happy together you add the beans and tomatoes to shake things up. Then added is some cumin.  Before I have done all of this I have taken some dried chili de arbol, chile passilla, and chile ancho and taken out the seeds and veins before putting them in a food processor to make a chile dust, also know as mace… so be careful with this because it can mess you up if it accidentally ends up in your face or your underwear.

Chili con carne

Chili con carne

 With all of these spices, meatz, etc. you let it cook beautifully until it is all done.

One of the fun parts of the cold weather season is chili. Chili makes the whole world better.


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