Posted by: webbhouston | November 12, 2008

Belly Cast

A friend of mine Julie Zarate painted my belly cast.

She is a great artist and the wait was so worth it for the cast. It was beautiful when we finally got it. It is hanging in our living room as a piece of art because, let’s face it… it is. This is Kate’s belly cast.

Belly Cast

Belly Cast


I got a belly cast made for Calvin too but it hasnt been worked on yet, I cant wait to get it to her so that she can start it. I didnt tell her at all what to do with this one and it is so surreal how beautiful it is.

Belly Cast close up

Belly Cast close up

I love art and I love art being a big part of our life…. I dont see any other way than to have art as part of my pregnancy as well.



  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!! I have 3 bellycasts to paint…what an inspiration. WoW!! The colors are so rich! My girls are all over 10 years old now…they kind of like having the “art show” in my bedroom. : )

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