Posted by: webbhouston | November 8, 2008

saturday morning nurse-a-thon

Warning: Talk of boobs.

On weekdays I am typically very busy with trying to get stuff done. In between working with mortgage companies to refinance the house, health insurance companies, cooking, etc… I dont have time to devote to the kids as much.  When I work outside of the home it is even worse. I obviously pump often so that Shake and Bake can get breastmilk. I have a Medela Pump In Style Advanced or a PISA for short.  I have one for home and one for out of the home.

On weekends Saturday mornings are Mommy mornings. Calvin nurses all morning because it helps my supply stay well. While pumping gets out milk, it is not as efficient at getting milk as a baby is.  While I am one of those lucky women for whom pumping is quite easy most of the time I can tell when I need a good nursing session with the baby. I try to have them every weekend as much as I can so that my supply never suffers.  This means that I dont get as much done around the house as I would like to, but it is ok. I get to sit and relax a bit with the kids and Calvin gets the milk that he needs while my boobs get the stimulation that they need. It is a nice relationship. 😉

I have been sitting here nursing him for like two hours. He nurses and sleeps and nurses in his sleep.  Kate is sitting next to us cuddling with me. Her feet are underneath my legs because she has cold toes like I do. We are under a beautiful green blanket and her head is on my waist. She is scratching my legs with her tiny sharp fingernails. This is what weekends should be about.

Long haired monster

Long haired monster

Here she is, having breakfast earlier today.


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