Posted by: webbhouston | November 7, 2008

New kid in town

Michael cheated on me today with the new kid in town.

I got a message from him that said “Im in yur store, eatin ur foodz”.

For those if you that dont get that please go here or just do a google search for “Im in yur”. I promise, you will laugh.

So this evil HEB store opened up a block from my house today, we have been exited about it for a while now and I have been counting down the days until it opened. I are happy panda.

I understand that many people will not get why we are so happy to have this store near us, after all… we live in Houston. A large metropolis. We have many stores within driving distance from us. Why is this one special?

Well, let me tell you Sylvia… this store rocks.

It is walking distance from our home, this enables us to further using our hippie lifestyle and not use up precious natural resources like oil to get our food. We will also get more exercise because of this new store. Yes. I know it is sad that us getting exercise depends on this but sue me, I am a busy person with two kids and a life. I dont have time to go to the gym like I used to in my no kid days. Also, if we walk to the store we are less likely to buy stuff we dont need, thus saving us money.

It also has a whole section of local foods, so that when I cant get things from our Farmers Market I can get them here… without feeling terribly guilty. It will help in my trying to become a locavore.

The organic section is a healthy size as well, and it has good stuff in bulk.

Did I mention the coupons? Yeah, HEB is good about coupons and I have already received tons from them. Yes, I am cheap… why do you ask?



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